We guarantee timeliness and flexibility of deliveries both in Poland and throughout Europe. We provide the following services transport services based on a modern fleet of vehicles.

We have our own trucks, thanks to which we can deliver pallets within 48 hours in Poland and up to 72 hours in other European countries. We ensure just-in-time deliveries.

The logistics process at CMC is organised on the basis of the SOOT transport management system, which enables all participants in the supply chain to work together in one place.


Transport contact

Przemysław Pękala
tel. +48 33 875 14 45 w.58
mob. +48 601 819 391

The SOOT system enables:

  • the management of logistics processes on the site
  • full control of the entire supply chain, both for material and products
  • combining loads and generating transports as well as creating and forwarding transport orders
  • conducting an auction or bidding competition
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